Connection Point has a Successful Launch

The first official round of Connection Point began in schools this week, marking the launch of the new program, which turned out to be a resounding success.

The first viewing took place this past week and the feedback from both the children and teachers was overwhelming. Everyone is already so excited and involved in the program, all the children are eagerly anticipating the second part which will continue next week.

“Mazal Tov to everyone on an amazing launch of this monumental project. Together we’ll keep building on this week’s progress, and our children’s sense of connection with the Rebbe.” Said Rabbi Elkonoh Shmotkin director of JEM.

The program was carefully worked on and designed by the dedicated Connection Point team with an innovative system to help the children hear and connect directly to the Rebbe.

“Fantastic mivtza! It was such a amazing sight to see my class so “connected” with the Rebbe. The talmidim felt they could understand the sicha and take something meaningful away. Thank you!” Said a teacher in Cheder Chabad Monsey.

“Amazing program, boys were very attentive and following every word. Thank you!” Said Rabbi Wilshansky from Cheder Chabad Morristown.

After many weeks of preperation, perfecting the program to properly cater to the children in these schools, it finally came to a start.

The 3 week program, where children are challenged to watch, listen and understand the Rebbe speaking to them, is being launched off in 19 schools, totaling in nearly 2000 children who are participating in the first round.

Each week the children will watch a small excerpt of the rally, culminating in the 4th week where they are challenged in watching the full clip.

“We just finished the first session. Children were really involved and excited for the next one.” Said Mrs Kesselman from Lubavitch Girls London, England.

These schools are the first to participate in this revolutionary program, arranged by Jem in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, following the successful pilot program which was held in 6 New York schools last year.

Boxes were shipped off to the participating schools with the entire program included.

The Connection Point team is working with the schools to guide them step by step, helping them make the program a tremendous success in their school.

This round is the first of 4 to be held this year. There has been much interest from many more schools, who will be given the opportunity to join the following rounds this year.

The success in this program is due to many individuals who played a major role in making sure the program is as it was envisioned to be.

Firstly, Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, Director of JEM, for his leadership in everything involved in the program.

Rabbi Shimmi Weinbaum from Tzivos Hashem for his valuable direction in every detail.

The rest of the JEM team, including Rabbi Mendel Gurary, Rabbi Eli Sapochkinsky and Rabbi Ezra Wiemer.

The staff at Tzivos Hashem, including Mrs Stolick, Mushka Green and Chaya Raskin.

The director Rabbi Levi Plotkin and Rabbi Shmuli Lezak from the Connection Point team.

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