Son Retells Mother’s Miracle Story

For years, Mrs. Rhoda Friedland was not able to have children. In 1950 – acting on their Rabbi’s advice – she and her husband visited the Frierdiker Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, at 770 Eastern Parkway, to seek a blessing. 

They were one the last people to merit a Yechidus with the Frierdiker Rebbe. After the Previous Rebbe’s passing, with the blessing yet to materialize, she turned to the Rebbe for help. 

While the Rebbe sent her to numerous doctors for medical advice, he insisted on one thing throughout her ordeal: If the Previous Rebbe promised, then so it would be.

Mrs. Friedland recounted the story in an interview with JEM:

Now, a clip shared on social media showed a frum Jewish man who recounted the same story and identifies himself as the child who was born

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