A Royal Milestone:

Tomorrow, the 25 the day of Adar, marks the 118th birthday of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, wife of the Rebbe. 

She was born in the year 5661, (1901), a non-leap year with only 1 Adar. Nonetheless, on leap years, her father, the Previous Rebbe, would celebrate the 25th of both Adars as her birthday, sending her his good wishes and blessings.

The Rebbe would request presents for his birthday in the form of good deeds and Torah learning. Let us mark this special day with such activities, and commit to following the Rebbetzin’s modest, refined and G-dly ways.

On the 23rd of Adar Rishon 5695 (1935) her father write to her, “This coming Thursday will be your birthday. I send you my blessings and loving wishes. May G-d grant you and your beloved husband many long, sweet and healthy years… May you be blessed with much riches material and spiritual. and may G-d fulfill all your requests for good and for blessing.”

Then, a month later, the Previous Rebbe sent another letter, dated 24 Adar Sheini which reads, “Your birthday is tomorrow. I hereby send you, my beloved daughter, my heartfelt mazal tov with great blessings that you and your beloved husband should be blessed with all that is good, material and spiritual”

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