The Rebbe’s Antidote for 27 Adar

The 27th of Adar I marks the day when 27 years ago, the Rebbe suffered a stroke, impairing his ability to speak.  It was then that the message of a talk the Rebbe had delivered 6 weeks prior became strikingly clear.

The Rebbe had told a story of the Previous Rebbe, who had difficulty speaking, and his being asked by his doctor how G-d could allow the Rebbe, whose very job is to teach and inspire, to lose the ability to speak. 

At that fateful talk on the 3rd of Shevat 1992, the Rebbe answered that it is the job of the Chasidim to serve as the Rebbe’s mouthpiece, teach his teachings and spread his message. 

In effect, the Rebbe had already provided the antidote for the difficult times that lay ahead.

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