A Jewel Turns Up, Just in Time for the Gala

With the inaugural JEM Foundation Gala upon us, JEM has been working on a beautiful presentation on “The Rebbe and technology.”

During his research for the piece, content editor Rabbi Shmuli Hurwitz came across a unique talk of the Rebbe from Purim 1961, where the Rebbe speaks of the power of radio. But one special nugget resonated especially with Rabbi Hurwitz: “Just as radio waves can cross barriers of space, so can they cross transcend barriers of time!”

This message is particularly meaningful to the JEM team, which strives to make the Rebbe’s voice and inspiration available to all, crossing both time and space daily, to keep the Rebbe’s timely messages front and center for audiences in various geographical locations, diverse languages, and multiple generations and time periods.

We look forward to publishing this unique talk of the Rebbe, fully translated, at the gala.

Join the members of the JEM Foundation at inaugural JEM Foundation International Gala on Sunday, March 31, 2019. Visit http://jfgala.com

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