We’ve Brought It Home!

Over 2,300 students brought home the Rebbe’s talks to their families, in a new addition to the popular Connection Point program.

Connection Point is wrapping up a second round of its widely popular program of sichos, questions and drones.

The program brings the Rebbe’s rallies to children, in a way that enables them to follow and understand the Rebbe’s words. The students fill out questionnaires and enter into raffles for a variety of fun prizes – the most popular among them being real life drones.

“It was amazing to see how empowered our students felt to be able to understand the Rebbe’s words,” reported one principal. “It was something they never considered before.”

This round, which reached thirty schools and over 2,300 students, incorporated a wildly popular new element: Students were encouraged to bring the Rebbe’s words to their family Shabbos tables, bringing the excitement to their parents, brothers and sisters.

“This really took the program to a whole new level,” says Rabbi Levi Plotkin, Connection Point director. “Before the students themselves were hyped up about the Rebbe’s sichos, but now they’ve begun to channel that excitement to a much wider circle. The feedback we’ve received from parents and families has been phenomenal.”

Work is already underway to kick off round three, a rally of Chol Hamoed Pesach.

“We are working on an amazing video and exciting program for this next round, and our goal is to reach thirty-five schools before we begin,” Rabbi Plotkin informs us. “If your child’s school hasn’t yet participated, make sure to reach out to us, so they won’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.”

The initiative is a joint project between JEM and Tzivos Hashem. For more information on Connection Point and how to bring it to your school, please contact lplotkin@jemedia.org.

The schools currently part of Connection Point currently are:

  • Cheder at the Ohel
  • Lubavitch Girls Primary School
  • Cheder Menachem Los Angeles
  • Oholei Torah
  • Sacramento Jewish Academy
  • Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway
  • Bais Rebbe Junior High
  • Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School – Boys
  • Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School – Girls
  • Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Stret
  • Cheder Lubavitch Morristown – Boys
  • Cheder Lubavitch Morristown – Girls
  • Hebrew Academy Community School – Boys
  • Hebrew Academy Community School – Girls
  • Lamplighters Yeshivah – Boys
  • Lamplighters Yeshivah – Girls
  • Cheder Chabad Monsey
  • Nigri International Shluchim Online School – Boys
  • Nigri International Shluchim Online School – Girls
  • Ohr Menachem
  • Yeshivas Tomche Tmimim Lubavitch Montreal
  • Bader Hillel Academy – Girls
  • Bader Hillel Academy – Boys
  • Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia – Girls
  • Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia – Boys
  • Cheder Chabad Baltimore – Girls
  • Cheder Chabad Baltimore – Boys
  • Darchai Menachem
  • Oholei Torah – 8th Grade

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