LT Presents a Special Purim Program

In honor of Purim, the Living Torah team is proud to present a special Purim program, entitled “A taste of Purim with the Rebbe,” with highlights of Purim throughout the years.

The team dug deep to uncover and restore some exceptional moments from this special occasion throughout the years, and interviewed the people who were there. With special narration by content director Rabbi Yitzchak Tsap, the LT team have created a warm and inspiring film, sure to get everyone who watches in the Purim spirit.

Some highlights of the program include the Rebbe’s incredible wealth offer in 1955, the Rebbe’s energetic singing at Purim 1958, and the energy of Purim 1982.

The research and production of this project was undertaken by content editor Rabbi Shmuli Hurwitz, research director Rabbi Choli Mishulovin, and production director Eli Sapochkinsky.

This special Purim program is dedicated In honor of Menachem Mendel Laber on the occasion of his birthday, Purim 5779 by his parents Uriel Tzvi and Bassie Laber and his siblings Levi, Sholom and Ettie

Purim 1982
Purim 1955
Purim 1958

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