“What About Gifts for the Poor?”

Rabbi Chaim Fishman

Last week, the My Encounter team drove up to Worcester, MA to interview long-time educator Rabbi Chaim Fishman. In his three hour interview with My Encounter’s Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Dyce, Rabbi Fishman shared the story of an audience he had with the Rebbe before Purim.

In the middle of the audience the Rebbe suddenly asked him, “How will the children in your school fulfill the Purim mitzvah of sending food packages to friends and the mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor?” Rabbi Fishman responded that the children were instructed to bring food from home which they would exchange with their friends on Purim. The Rebbe heard but was not satisfied, “What about gifts to the poor? They must fulfill that mItzvah as well?” The Rebbe then directed him to have two charity boxes for two different charities, and to ensure that the children donated money to both, fulfilling the mitzvah in the proper manner.

Rabbi Fishman was touched that the Rebbe cared for his students to ensure that they fulfilled the mitzvos of Purim properly.

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