“I Can Only Write, They Have to Do It”.

This week, “Our Story,” the beautiful weekly story especially for women and girls, presents a story told by Mrs. Chava Altein. JEMCentral presents the story along with the transcript of the Rebbe’s answer.

A few months ago, 26 girls from 7th grade Bais Rivkah heard about the ‘Our Story’ project and were excited to interview their teacher. Mrs. Altein agreed, so they arranged a time during class especially to record her recollections of encounters that she had with the Rebbe Then they sent the recording to ‘Our Story.’

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Transcript of what the Rebbe told Mrs. Altein: “See to it that the students fulfill (the contents of the letter). I can only write, the doing is up to them. It should be in an auspicious hour”

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