Special Rally for Round 3

Round 3 of Connection Point has kicked off with tremendous success. Special for this round, the Rebbe’s talks at the Tzivos Hashem rally of 18 Nissan 1985 were translated and subtitled.

At the rally the Rebbe emphasized the connection between children and Pesach, and explained the relevance of the “mah nishtanah” nowadays. The Rebbe also highlighted that just as the Jews who left Egypt were not afraid of Pharaoh, so too should children in Tzivos Hashem, the army of G-d, not be afraid of their inner Pharaohs, the evil inclination.

The 18th of Nissan is the Rebbe’s father birthday, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, so the Rebbe concluded by mentioning in his father’s name that doing mitzvos is like finding great treasures. Jewish children should be happy to fulfill Torah and mitzvos; and ensure to sanctify G-d’s name at all times.

The rally was translated for Connection Point by Rabbi Mendy Greenberg, and subtitled by Yisrolik Kievman.

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