Hasipur Sheli Reaches Milestone

This week, Hasipur Sheli, the hebrew version of Here’s My Story weekly publication, is publishing its 200th edition.

From day one, Here’s My Story has been a wildly successful publication. So, in 2015, two and a half years after the first  Here’s My Story was published, the My Encounter team undertook to avail the weekly gem to Hebrew speakers as well.  

The first Hasipur Sheli was produced in honor of Gimmel Tammuz that year, and over the past four years, has grown to be printed and read in Chabad Houses, Shuls, and homes in over 20 countries.

The 200th edition, entitled the gift of speech, features a story by Mr. Michoel Rubinoff, who had an audience with the Rebbe as a young teenager.

To subscribe to Hasipur Sheli, email subscribe to sipursheli@jemedia.org

To subscribe to Here’s My story, email subscribe to mystory@jemedia.org

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