Pictorial Highlights #1: Dollars 14 Iyar 1991

Each time the Rebbe distributed dollars, individuals were touched and lives were impacted.  Presented here are photos of several highlights and encounters from Sunday Dollars of 14 Iyar 1991.

From the spring of 1986 on, every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand and distribute dollars, to be given to charity, to anyone who came by his door. Thousands stood in line each week, and to every person he received, the Rebbe offered a blessing, some encouragement, or a word of advice.

The Sunday of 14 Iyar 1991, Pesach Sheni, was no different. The Rebbe saw countless people from all walks of life, and had time for them all. The special encounters from that day include the winner of Miss Israel beauty pageant, a team of anti-abortion activists, and a young boy with a present for the Rebbe, amongst others.

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The Rebbe tells the 1991 Miss Israel winner, “The “Torah states: ‘Beauty is false.’ But the verse continues: ‘A G-d-fearing woman is to be praised.’ The commentaries explain that if a woman is G-d-fearing, she uses her beauty for beautiful endeavors of Torah and Mitzvot.

The Rebbe gives a blessing to a young Russian boy who presented him with a recording of his school singing “Nyet Nyet Nikavo”, “I’m not afraid of anyone.”
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The Rebbe advises a publisher to publish all 5 books of the Torah, encouraging him to learn more Torah as a vessel for more material success.

The Rebbe to a group of anti-abortion activists, “May G-d bless you to continue to convince women not to opt for abortion. Every child that is added to the Jewish people is a big help for Jews everywhere, even in Israel.”
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The Rebbe’s message to the president of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. “The Second Passover teaches us that ‘It’s never too late.’ So too, in any area of life, if there are things you should have done in the past but did not, it’s never too late to make them up now.”
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The Rebbe was glad to hear that the president of the American Sephardi Federation was working to create a Sephardic Studies department at Yeshiva University.

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