JEM Team Announces 25 New Projects

With twenty-five years since Gimmel Tammuz approaching, the JEM team has decided to launch 25 new initiatives to be completed by Gimmel Tammuz this year.

In the past twenty-five years, thousands of new shluchim have gone out, a generation of boys and girls have grown up fully dedicated to the Rebbe’s teachings, inspiration, and mission; and interest in learning from and about the Rebbe has skyrocketed.

The 25 new initiatives span the gamut, from major new videos and books to adding new expanding capabilities the scope of existing projects. We will be producing 5 video presentations, 4 access projects, 3 events, 3 entirely new pilot programs, 2 books, 2 social media projects, and various other collaborative initiatives.

Each program is designed to help bring the Rebbe to a group (or groups) of individuals in ways that they can connect with and benefit from.

Dedication opportunities are available. To learn more about sponsoring one of these projects, please click here, or email us at

Learn more about our 25 Projects and follow their progress here.

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