Connection Point’s “Real Parade” a Giant Success!

The viewing of the Rebbe’s Lag B’omer parade on Wednesday for Crown Heights schoolchildren and their parents outside 770 was a smashing success.

This event was the culmination of a successful year for Connection Point, a JEM initiative in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem. Equipped with their question sheet, pen, and clipboard, each of the thousand participants listened to the Rebbe’s words and filled in the correct answers. Then they were entered into a raffle for dozens of prizes, including a coin minted at the Rebbe’s directive for the 1990 parade they were watching, which was won by Yaakov Shimon Lazar.

This Lag B’omer “Real Parade” was another successful collaborative effort between JEM and Tzivos Hashem.

This event was made possible by a generous grant from Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz and family.
לזכות שלמה הלוי בן איטה הניה איידא בת פייגא למילוי משאלות לבבם לטובה