Pictorial Highlights #2: Dollars 25 Iyar 1990

Each time the Rebbe distributed dollars, individuals were touched and lives were impacted.  Presented here are photos of several highlights and encounters from Sunday Dollars of 25 Iyar 1990 (5750).

From the spring of 1986 on, every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand and distribute dollars, to be given to charity, to anyone who came by his door. Thousands stood in line each week, and to every person he received, the Rebbe offered a blessing, some encouragement, or a word of advice.

The Sunday of 25 Iyar 1990 was no different. The Rebbe saw countless people from all walks of life and had time for them all. The special encounters from that day include the parents of a young girl going in for heart surgery, the president of the National Council of Young Israel, and a newspaper editor with a question about Israeli territorial concessions, amongst others.

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The Rebbe encourages the president of the National Council of Young Israel to ensure that Young Israel stays young.
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The Rebbe extends his blessings to the Jewish institutions in Nice, France

The Rebbe encourages a grieving man who recently lost a brother.
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The Rebbe to the editor of the Yom Hashishi newspaper, ”The Code of Jewish Law rules that it is forbidden to endanger Jews by giving away Jewish land.”
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The Rebbe reminds a man on crutches that at the end of day, it is G-d who sends healing. The doctors are but His messengers.

The Rebbe tells a husband, “to say that you cannot do anything without your wife is speaking negatively about yourself, but to speak of the good that you can achieve together, there is certainly no limit!”
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