Featured Project: Dor Hashvi’i

Dor Hashvi’i: Our Rebbe. Our Mission. Our Connection is a collaborative school curriculum created by Vaad Or Vechom and JEM highlighting the role of a Rebbe and the mission of Dor Hashvi’i, and one of the initiatives of Project 25.

The curriculum is to be used in schools in preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, to teach and make practical for students important concepts such as Rebbe, Memutza Hamechaber, Moshiach and Hiskashrus.

In recent years, Vaad Or Vechom has partnered with JEM in providing schools with curriculums for important Chassidic event and dates. These curricula have been translated into French and Hebrew, and introduced to thousands of students in over 120 schools worldwide.

With “Dor Hashvi’i: Our Rebbe. Our Mission. Our Connection,” the two organizations have created a multi-media curriculum which provides a dynamic learning experience utilizing animated videos, powerpoint presentations, interactive activities and special video collages of the Rebbe.

Principals and teachers interested in bringing this program to their schools can find out more by clicking here.

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