Coming Soon: Connection Point at Camp

Connection Point, the successful school collaborative initiative of JEM and Tzivos Hashem, will be making a special Gimmel Tammuz program for camps this year. Sign your camp up today.

Connection Point encourages children to watch and listen to the Rebbe, and provides the tools necessary for them to understand. The children watch the video, answering questions as they go, and then enter into a raffle for some great prizes. This past year the Connection Point program was run in 37 Chabad schools around the world with over 2500 students involved.

Many camp directors and head counselors have been clamoring for the program to be extended to camps as well, and the Connection Point organizers have answered the call. The program will be available for overnight and day camps.

Sign your camp up today by emailing

This program is being made possible by a generous grant from Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz and family.