Batch #4: Bring Us to 100,000

Over the past month, the Living Archive posted over 14,000 newly scanned and uploaded pictures. In just a few weeks, 4,500 tags were added by users, which brings our total tags on the Living Archive to 99,000.

Help us reach 100,000 by tagging those you know in this new batch of 5,000 photos we have posted, and make it easier for all to find their moment with Rebbe. 

The photos come from the Levi Freidin collection, spanning from 7 Tishrei 1991 (5752) – 26 Cheshvan 1991 (5752)

View the whole collection here.

127 photos     7 Tishrei Machne Israel
125 photos     Erev Yom Kippur
1,025 photos  11 Tishrei Dollars special to children
529 photos     14, 21 Tishrei Sunday Dollars
271 photos     18 Tishrei 
1,153 photos  19, 26 Cheshvan Sunday Dollars 

Locate yourself, your family, or your friends, and tag or order the picture. Log in to access many more features, such as exploring, commenting, and tagging. Enjoy!

Our goal is to scan and post 25,000 photos by Gimmel Tammuz as part of Project 25, and with this batch of 7,300 photos, we have reached 14,000.

Learn more about Project 25 here.