In His Own Words: The Definition of a Nassi

“Hanassi Hu Hakol” is a new playlist from Ashreinu which focuses on the explanation of what it means to be a Nassi.

Amongst all Jews, there is one Jew who was chosen by G-d to unite all the Jews in his generation, the Nassi Hador.” – The Rebbe

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, the Ashreinu has hand-picked 16 clips from talks of the Rebbe, wherein the Rebbe explains what it means to be a Nassi, a leader of Jews, and what the famous phrase “Hanassi Hu Hakol” means.

Hear the Rebbe define his mission, his leadership, and his responsibility. Above all, hear the Rebbe outline our role to play in connecting with and heeding his words.

Listen here on Ashreinu.