1800 Campers to Join Connection Point

Connection Point’s special Gimmel Tammuz program is set to be a major success and will be screened in 13 camps, topping 1800 campers.

After announcing the idea just two weeks ago, Connection Point received tremendous excitement ahead of the Gimmel Tammuz program and has prepared what is to be an inspiring, educational, and important program.

Connection Point, a JEM initiative in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, encourages children to watch and listen to the Rebbe, and provides the tools necessary for them to understand. The children watch the video, answering questions as they go, and then enter into a raffle for some great prizes. This past year the Connection Point program was run in 37 Chabad schools around the world with over 2500 students involved.

Camps joined:

CGI Parksville, NY
CGI Montreal
CGI Florida
CGI Pittsburgh – Boys
CGI Pittsburgh – Girls
CGI Toronto – Girls
CGI Melbourne Day Camp
Cheder Menachem Yeshivas Kayitz
Lubavitch Day Camp Monsey
Cheder Camp Chicago
Camp Gan Menachem – Montreal
Toronto Cheder Camp
Bais Rivka Day Camp

This program is being made possible by a generous grant from Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz and family.