Batch #5: This One is Special

We are excited to have achieved our objective of posting 25,000 photos before Gimmel Tammuz. In this batch of 6,000, many originate from a previously overlooked box of WLCC photos that, in the course of this recent drive to post 25,000 was uncovered, and the contents were scanned, restored and uploaded by our team.

Many of these photos feature exceptional scenes, including stunning, interesting photos of various events; the Rebbe davening at home, distributing dollars outside 770 after the groundbreaking in 1988, delivering a surprise talk, and meeting with the chief rabbis of Israel.

The other photos in this batch come from Velvel Schildkraut, Sam Shlagbaum, and various Levi Freidin collections, spanning from 5747 to 5751.

Additionally, we are proud to announce that thanks to users like yourself, in the course of our project, the Living Archive surpassed 100,000 tagged names of individuals.

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WLCC Collection
Overlooked box for many years

Sam Shlagbaum
Machne Israel, 23 Adar 5750

Levi Freidin
25 Tishrei – 7 Cheshvan 5749

Levi Freidin
Misc photos from 5750 – 5751

Velvel Schildkraut
Rally for day camp children

Levi Freidin
B&W photos 5747

Levi Freidin
7 Tishrei 5750 – 17 Tishrei 5750

Levi Freidin
Misc photos throughout the years