Investing in Futures: The Rebbe and Children

Investing in Futures is a new fun video for children to learn about the Rebbe and his special affection for them.

Interest in learning about and from the Rebbe has been skyrocketing across all audiences. Aiming to cater to a new audience of children with less experience and knowledge of the Rebbe, and in partnership with CKids, the Chabad Kids Network, JEM has produced a fun and engaging video for children to learn about the Rebbe and the love and attention he gave them.

Just in time for Gimmel Tammuz, the video will be screened in many Chabad day camps and children’s groups around the globe. 

The seven minute clip features several personal encounters between the Rebbe and children, some published for the first time, a talk of the Rebbe on the importance of children, and kid friendly narration throughout.

שניאור זלמן בן בת שבע בינה
יהדית חיה בת אלישבע