NEW: A Powerful But Simple App to Find Your Moment

350,000 video stills, over 175,000 of them new, are now accessible on a brand new, easy-to-navigate, powerful web app.

My Moment is a web app that makes searching, perusing, and finding pictures a breeze. It features 350,000 video stills, 175,000 of them newly captured from video, enabling individuals to find their moment with the Rebbe.  

The project was made possible by the members of The JEM Foundation and The Gan Foundation.

Hundreds of thousands had an experience with the Rebbe, but find it difficult to locate a video or photo of the encounter. Either there are no pictures taken, or they cannot locate the video among the thousands of hours of footage. In fact, many don’t even know their moment was captured at all. 

My Moment solves both problems. Over the past years, JEM has painstakingly worked through thousands of hours of video of the Rebbe greeting individuals, and captured a still image of each precious moment. Recently, an additional 175,000 stills were captured.

Now, individuals can browse through these moments on the easy-to-navigate My Moment platform, locate themselves, and order the video or still image capture of the video. 

The app provides users with the ability to search by date or time, and to see photo details and preexisting name tags.

Features in the works for My Moment include name tagging, adding video stills of all remaining dates, a mobile-friendly ordering experience, and many more technology enhancements to enable an even better user experience.

Simply go to and search by date, time of day, and other fields. Check back to see updates to the app and additional content as they become available.