Update to My Moment App Data

Developers are working constantly to update the new My Moment App, fixing bugs, adding photos, and correcting and filling in dates. Recently, the Living Archive and Ashreinu teams teamed up with the developers to correct picture dates on the app. The first batch of updates has just been released.

My Moment is a brand new, easy-to-navigate, powerful web app that makes searching, perusing, and finding moments with the Rebbe a breeze. It features 350,000 video stills captured from video and enables individuals to easily find their moment with the Rebbe.

Check out some of these sample dates that have just been updated:

The team would love to hear from you. Reach out to AshreinuSupport@jemedia.org if you have any comments, or other dates you would like to be reviewed.

Look for more date fixes, more video stills, and other exciting new features getting added to the app in the coming days.

Click here to go to the My Moment app.

Learn more about the My Moment app.