A Light in The Darkness

Ahead of the new JEM Presents: The Rebbe on anti-Semitism, and in keeping with the spirit of the three weeks – to anticipate and learn about Moshiach, presented is a video produced by JEM last year for Tisha B’av.

Incorporating short pieces of talks, stories, and dollars, the video masterfully presents how the Rebbe constantly teaches us that despite the sadness of the current Galus, our focus must always be to add light and work towards the final redemption.

As well, be sure to tune in to the premiere of the new JEM Presents: The Rebbe and anti-Semitism on Sunday, Tisha B’av 8/11 at 2:00 pm on YouTube and Facebook.

Explore the Rebbe’s unique take on the root cause of anti-Semitism and how we should respond to it. Watch as the Rebbe draws from the timeless wisdom of our sages, explaining the hatred and setting forth an ideology to mitigate its unpleasantness.

The video is ideal for public viewings in Shuls, Chabad Houses and institutions, on, or in connection with, Tisha B’av. For a downloadable, high-res file for public screenings, email jem@jemedia.org.