Customizable Booklet Makes for Educational Gift

My Encounter’s latest project, Exceptional Wisdom for Exceptional Children, is now available for personal customization.

The booklet features a moving story, bringing to light the Rebbe’s ideology on dealing with children with special needs. The booklet makes a great gift; and parents, supporters, and volunteers of organizations that work with such children are sure to be inspired and empowered from reading it.

Now, four options for individual customization are available – the front cover, the inside flap, the back flap, and the back cover; and orders are pouring in.

Click to order Exceptional Wisdom.

Click to order the customizable version.

Mrs. Bassie Shemtov, co-director of Michigan Friendship Circle, premiered the booklet at a recent Friendship Circle conference, and it was widely received.

Mrs. Bassie Shemtov premiering Exceptional Wisdom at a recent Friendship Circle conference.