Chof Av: A New Presentation to Connect and Learn

Chof Av (20 Av) is a day that was very dear to the Rebbe’s heart. On this day in 1944, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, the Rebbe’s saintly father, passed away while in exile for spreading Torah Judaism in Soviet Russia. 

Reb Levik, as he was known, was the chief rabbi of Yekaterinoslav, a kabbalist, a prolific writer, and a devoted chassid of the Rebbe Rashab. Many stories are told about him, and the Rebbe spoke about him on many occasions, drawing lessons from his life story, and expounding on his teachings.

Presented here is a unique presentation, created this year, that provides a glimpse into the story of Reb Levik’s life. The video features a firsthand story of Reb Levik, as well as highlights of Chof Av by the Rebbe – leading the prayers in his father’s memory, singing his father’s niggun, and drawing a lesson from his exile.

Many want to draw inspiration from the day, feel its energy, and connect with it. As such, here is a collection of photos, video, and audio from this auspicious day for you to enjoy and be inspired from. Newly restored audio of a farbrengen on this day in 1974, moments with the Rebbe from five different years, and a video of a 20 Av farbrengen in 1972.

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Audio: Click to listen to Ashreinu’s newly restored audio from the Rebbe’s Chof Av farbrengen 1974.

Photos: Click on a picture to see more from that year:

Photos: 5734
Photos: 5736

Video: Click to watch an excerpt from the Rebbe’s 20 Av farbrengen 1972.

20 Av 5734 – 103259
20 Av 5734 – 108665
20 Av 5736 – 129845
20 Av 5737 – 130522
20 Av 5737 – 130523
20 Av 5739 – 23114
20 Av 5739 – 23119
20 Av 5746 – 147582
20 Av 5746 – 147584
20 Av 5746 – 147596
20 Av 5746 – 147598
20 Av 5734 – 108663