Rabbi Yisrael Dov Levanoni, Beis Hamikdash Expert, Passes Away

Rabbi Yisrael Dov Levanoni, 97, known for his scale model of the Beis Hamikdash he presented to the Rebbe, passed away on Wednesday, 20 Av, 5779.

He dedicated his life to researching the second Bais Hamikdosh according to many different sources. He became a renowned expert on the topic and authored the book “The Temple In Jerusalem: A Description of the Second Temple,” on the subject.

In 1987, he began working on an exact scaled model of the Beis Hamikdash. He completed it in 1992, and flew to New York to show it to the Rebbe. During the visit on 26 Adar 5752, the Rebbe mentioned that the ramp to the Mizbeach was three millimeters off.

Rabbi Levanoni was astounded that the Rebbe, with just a glance, was able to notice such a minute detail.