Pictorial Highlights #4: Dollars 24 Av 1991

Each time the Rebbe distributed dollars, individuals were touched and lives were impacted. Presented here are photos of several highlights and encounters from Sunday Dollars of 24 Av 1991 (5751).

From the spring of 1986 on, every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand and distribute dollars, to be given to charity, to anyone who came by his door. Thousands stood in line each week, and to every person he received, the Rebbe offered a blessing, some encouragement, or a word of advice.

The Sunday of 24 Av 1991 was no different. The Rebbe saw countless people from all walks of life and had time for them all – including a New York Assemblyman, a kindergarten teacher, and am Israeli businessman, amongst others.

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When Rabbi Mordechai Jungreis tells the Rebbe that he is an aleph-beis teacher, the Rebbe tells him that when he teaches “aleph”, he should tell the children that it stands for “anochi,” the first word of the ten commandments.

Rabbi Dovid Shapiro, Mr. Meir Jungreis, and Rabbi Yitzchak Teitelbaum present the Rebbe with a picture of the new “Chabad House on Wheels” in Miami FL, along with a special proclamation from the mayor of Miami Beach.
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The producers tell the Rebbe, “we made 2000 ‘Moshiach is on The Way’ t-shirts like this.” The Rebbe responds, “if you will leave me one then you will still have 1,999, so leave one here for the title.”

NY State Assemblyman Howard Lasher receives a blessing from the Rebbe for his work in legislating on behalf of the Jewish People, and for his family.
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The Rebbe tells Mr. Mordechai David Segal, Chairman of Israel Bonds of America, that investing in Israel is the best and safest investment.
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A family asks for a blessing for a new cardiology practice they are opening. The Rebbe instructs them to put a Tzedakah Pushka in the office.

Mr. Eli Asher asks the Rebbe for a blessing for healthy healing after his operation. The Rebbe responds that for a speedy recovery, he should dance on Simchas Torah.
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