Highlights #5: Dollars 15 Elul 1991

Each time the Rebbe distributed dollars, individuals were touched and lives were impacted. Presented here are photos of several highlights and encounters from Sunday Dollars of 15 Elul 1991 (5751).

From the spring of 1986 on, every Sunday, the Rebbe would stand and distribute dollars, to be given to charity, to anyone who came by his door. Thousands stood in line each week, and to every person he received, the Rebbe offered a blessing, some encouragement, or a word of advice.

The Sunday of 15 Elul 1991 was no different. The Rebbe saw countless people from all walks of life and had time for them all – including the Israeli Consular-General, a young girl with a request for a blessing, a police captain, and a prominent rabbi, amongst others.

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The Rebbe to Mr. Shlomo Sofer, Vice-Consular General of Israel to New York, “May G-d grant that the decision of the consulate should be in a manner that the Jewish nation will be happy to fulfill them.”
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The “Guardian Angels” group come past the Rebbe. “May G-d A-mighty bless you – through your strength, all the people are stronger.”

Then-Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, visits the Rebbe. The Rebbe responds, “Take advantage of your time as Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv; I hear that you will become Chief Rabbi of Israel within the next two years. If I can convince you that it’s for you, it will most probably materialize — but you have to truly want it.”
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A girl asks the Rebbe’s blessing for her family and for success in her studies.

A shliach in Kriyat Gat, Israel visits the Rebbe shortly before he traveled back home. The Rebbe asks the child, “are you also traveling to Kiryat Gat? Give one dollar to Tzedakah here, and another in Eretz Hakodesh.”

The Rebbe tells a photographer, “you should always take pictures of good things.”

Captain Kennedy, the new captain of the 71st precinct visits the Rebbe. “May God A-mighty bless you, and thank you for your protection.”
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