In the Rebbe’s Birthplace, Inspiration Turns into Reality

The group participates in a ceremony renaming a Nikloyev road “Schneerson Street.” The mikva stands in the background.

When JEM supporters visited the city of the Rebbe’s birth, they noticed that the women’s mikveh was in need of repairs. Exactly one year later, on the yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s father, they made the project their own.

Last summer, a group of JEM supporters from around the world with an interest in the Rebbe’s life came together for a seven-day journey through four cities of the Rebbe’s youth. Inspired by JEM’s newly released book Early Years and the accompanying research that brought to life a treasure trove of information surrounding the Rebbe’s early life, the trip’s goal was to experience those events in the locations they occurred. Led by Early Years project leaders Rabbis Elkanah Shmotkin, Boruch Oberlander and Levi Greisman, the group visited original locations, studied original archival documents, and experienced through film, storytelling, and study. 

Rabbi Leibel Shapiro, prominent Chabad rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva in Miami, joined the group as scholar-in-residence, and captivated everyone throughout the trip with his farbrengens, stories, and insights.

In Nikolayev, the first station of the trip, the group took part in a ceremony, along with the city’s mayor, in naming a prominent road “Schneerson Street,” in honor of the Rebbe – one of the city’s most prominent and famous native.

In coordination with Nikolayev Shliach Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, the tour visited the location of the Rebbe’s childhood home, where they began the writing of a new Torah scroll. They also visited the home of the Rebbe’s maternal grandparents Rabbi Meir Shlomo and Rochel Yanovsky (where the Rebbe spent considerable time as a child), and the cellar where the Rebbe, as a three-year-old, calmed and comforted children during the pogroms of 1905, and other locations.

When they visited Nikolayev women’s mikveh, which is located adjacent to the synagogue of the Rebbe’s great grandfather Rabbi Avraham David Lavut, an unfortunate sight met their eyes. The beautiful mikveh, dedicated by the Omri family in honor of their parents Mr. Zion and Nizdari Omri, was suffering from major mold due to a problem with the plumbing and ventilation.

Inspired by the energy of the trip, a number of supporters resolved to sponsor the renovation of the mikveh, a project that would cost roughly $75,000.

The plans for the new mikveh

Throughout the year, discussions went back and forth between Rabbi Gottlieb and the donors, as plans were floated and finalized.

On the twentieth of Av, the Yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s father, coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the life-changing trip, Yerachmiel Jacobson challenged the group to make the project a reality. According to one of the participants who made a major contribution to the project, but requested to remain anonymous, “The trip was an inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Rebbe taught us to channel inspiration and leave a mark, so we will contribute to the Jewish community in the Rebbe’s birthplace.”

Rallied, the donors came through that very day. Rabbi Shmaya Krinsky of Keren Hachomesh, the fund established by the Rebbe in the Rebbetzin’s memory to support mikvaos (and other such initiatives), arranged a grant for the mikveh. By nightfall, the commitments were settled and a plan of action was set in motion. 

“The city of Nikolayev has a rich heritage for every chosid of the Rebbe,” declared Rabbi Gottleib. “This group of supporters came to visit and experience, but they have left a permanent effect on the city. Soon, the city will once again have a mikveh worthy of its storied history.”

Ari Greenwald assists Rabbi Levi Greisman in writing the first letters of a Torah
Yechiel Jaffe and Zalman Lezel
Josh Goldhirsch speaks, as Rabbi Shmaya Krinsky looks on
The decor
Danny Shapiro speaks to the group
At the entrance of Nikolayev
Nikolayev archivists show the group original documents.
Some of the articles were being shown for the first time
The original record of the Rebbe’s birth, second from top
Ari Greenwald, Danny Shapiro and Josh Goldhirsch converse with the mayor of Nikolayev
Rabbi Leibel Shapiro, Stan Singer, and Yossi Peles in the cellar where the Rebbe hid from pogroms as a child
Mendy Chein talks with the crowd
Yossi Samuels and Yerachmiel Jacobson
EY Experience’s private plane