Chai Elul: The Day of the “Two Great Lights”

Chai Elul, the 18th of Elul, is one of the most auspicious days on the Chasidic calendar. Presented here are various glimpses into Chai Elul with the Rebbe.

The 18th of Elul marks the birthdates of both Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the founder of the chasidic movement, and Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad.

Enjoy a video playlist of Chai Elul with the Rebbe, newly restored audio of the Rebbe’s 1971 Chai Elul farbrengen, and various photos of Chai Elul from 1976-1981.

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18 Elul 5736
18 Elul 5737
18 Elul 5737
18 Elul 5737
18 Elul 5738
18 Elul 5739
18 Elul 5741