Tag Your Moment: New Feature on My Moment App

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The Ashreinu team have rolled out a new tagging feature on My Moment App. Tag yourself and anyone you know, so that everyone can find their moment with the Rebbe.

JEM’s My Moment web app, launched a few months ago, makes searching and finding pictures a breeze. It features 350,000 video stills, 175,000 of them newly captured, for people to find their moment with the Rebbe. Individuals can browse on the easy-to-navigate platform, locate themselves, and order the video or still image capture of the video.

Now, developers have added a much-anticipated feature – tagging. Simply select a picture of someone you recognize, be it yourself, a family member, or an acquaintance, and submit their name. Within a few hours, editors will review and approve the tag. 

Once a tag is approved, the person’s name will appear as part of the search and the tag auto-suggest feature so that everyone can search or tag that person. The more tags, the easier it is for everyone to locate their precious moment.

“With each approved tag, the My Moment app becomes more valuable to everyone looking for a specific interaction with the Rebbe,” says Yaakov Rozenblat, technology director at JEM, “so we are putting a strong focus on it. The My Moment team hopes the majority of available moments will be tagged quickly.” 

The tagging feature adds:

  • One step tagging
  • Quick tag reviews
  • Quick tag edits
  • More features coming soon 

Simply go to my moment.ashreinu.app, find a picture of someone you know, click “I know this person” and submit their name. Check back a few hours later to see it approved, and then send that person the picture for them to enjoy. 

JEM’s mission is to share the Rebbe with the world using the latest technologies and the best experiences. Help us share that inspiration by tagging. 

Keep checking every day to see which new tags have been added.

My Moment app is made possible by the members of The JEM Foundation and The Gan Foundation. 

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