Bringing the Rebbe to High School Girls

The popular school program empowering students to watch and learn directly from the Rebbe is expanding to high schools. Four girls schools have been accepted into the pilot program.

Connection Point, a JEM initiative in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, encourages students to watch and listen to the Rebbe, and provides the tools necessary for them to understand the Rebbe directly. Last year, close to 3000 elementary school students were enrolled.

Coming off the back of last year’s success, the girls’ high school program is set to be a smash success. “Our aim is to bring the Rebbe to every single Jewish child,” said Rabbi Levi Plotkin, Connection Point Director. “By expanding the program to girls high schools, girls will develop a love and appreciation for listening, watching, and learning from the Rebbe.”

The talks the girls are watching come from the twice-yearly addresses the Rebbe delivered exclusively to women and girls. That way, the voice of the Rebbe the girls’ experience is directed and relevant for them.

After taking part in the program, a student from Yeshiva Girls High School Pittsburgh said, “First time I actually understood the Rebbe and learned a lesson from what he was saying. Good question system and motivational prize.” And Mrs. Touger, curriculum director of Bais Chaya Mushka in Monsey said: “girls were very attentive across the spectrum both times so far, Baruch Hashem.”

The four schools joining the pilot are :

  1. Bais Chaya Mushka – Monsey, NY
  2. Escola Gani – São Paulo, Brazil 
  3. Rohr Bais Chaya Mushka – Coral Springs, FL
  4. Yeshiva Girls High School – Pittsburgh, PA

Connection Point High School Pilot Program is made possible by:

יוסף יצחק הכהן בן רישא ונחמה דינה בת מלכה רייזל
מנחם מענדל הכהן בן נחמה דינה, לוי הכהן בן נחמה דינה, חי׳ מושקא בת נחמה דינה, אסתר מרים בת נחמה
דינה, משה פינחס הכהן בן נחמה דינה מרדכי הכהן בן נחמה דינה

.גיזונטע חסידישע נחת מתוך מנוחת הדעת ובהרחבה גדולה