Sholom B’s Parting Gift

As the Tishrei in the Moment project comes to a close, Sholom B has one last surprise.

Hero of Tishrei in the Moment, Sholom B is a fictional, eighteen-year-old student who visited Rebbe for the first time in 1989. The catch is that Sholom had a smartphone and recorded and shared everything he saw. Now as a way to close out and say thank you to all his followers, subscribers and supporters, Sholom is making a raffle on a dollar of the Rebbe, as well as fifteen framed photos of the Rebbe.

This is the message Sholom sent out today:

Hey everyone,

So I got one last surprise for all of you followers and supporters of my Tishrei in the Moment project.?

Before I sign off and head to yeshiva, I am going to be raffling off a dollar I received from the Rebbe? and fifteen framed pictures? of the Rebbe to whoever enters the raffle.?

Simply enter the raffle using the link below. I’ll be drawing the winner on Monday, 6 Cheshvan. Enter the raffle here 

The dollar was given by the Rebbe on Sunday, 7 Tishrei 5749.

Sholom B

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