4 weeks, 3,000 students, 35 schools!

Connection Point, the program designed to encourage and empower children to watch and learn directly from the Rebbe, is off to a smashing start this year. View photos from the first round.

Thousands of children worldwide spent time over four weeks watching, listening and learning from the Rebbe. Exciting prizes were raffled off, and the grand prize winner of the new “Chozrim” program is set to be announced next week. 

Students participated in “Bring it Home,” sharing what they learned from the Rebbe with their families, entering into a grand global raffle on exciting prizes. And the new “Chozrim” program, where students reviewed what they learned from the Rebbe either by videoing themselves or by creating visual art, engaged their creative side. 

The pilot for Connection Point High Schools was also successful and the program is rolling out to all high schools in the next few weeks.

Round two is set to start at the beginning of Kislev in over 40 schools, a Connection Point record! 

Connection Point is made possible by the members of the JEM Foundation.
5780 program sponsored in part by Boruch & Chanie Weingarten & Family.
Connection Point Junior pilot sponsored in honor of Levi ben Reut.