Unity Initiative in Honor of Chof Cheshvan

This Chof Cheshvan, Chabad communities worldwide will unite by viewing and learning a special sicha of the Rebbe.

“All who go out to battle for the House of David,” began the rallying call of the fifth Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom Dovber Schneerson, regarding the founding of Tomchei Temimim. Addressing the first students of his yeshivah, he called on them to enlist in this “Battle for the House of David,” by spreading the light of Chasidism throughout the world.

Many years and travels later, on the day marking Rabbi Shalom Dovber’s birthday in 1984, the Rebbe declared this mission relevant to every Jewish man and woman, regardless of background, affiliation or education.

Is that a contradiction? Is it the task of the elite who were present at the Rebbe Rashab’s talk, or the duty of every person, whether simple or great?

This Sunday, join Chassidim around the world and tune in to watch the sicha, fully subtitled in English. The video will premiere on YouTube at 7:00 PM EST. Watch it here.

A helpful page full of resource has been created to help communities watch, learn, and screen this monumental sicha, or the entire farbrengen.

Click here for the resource page.