Is Your School Signed Up?

After a successful pilot program, Connection Point High is set to launch in seven girls’ schools.

Connection Point is an incredible initiative that encourages students to watch and listen to the Rebbe. Connection Point provides the tools necessary for them to understand the Rebbe directly, and is tremendously successful. Last year, close to 3,000 elementary school students were enrolled, and this year, already over forty-five schools with over 3,500 students are engaged.

Coming off last year’s success, and looking to impact more students, Connection Point launched a pilot for a girl’s high school program. “Our aim is to bring the Rebbe to every single Jewish child,” says Rabbi Levi Plotkin, CP director,  “so through expanding to high schools, we can engage so many more students. Girls will develop a love and appreciation for listening, watching, and learning from the Rebbe.”

The talks the girls will be watching come from the twice-yearly addresses the Rebbe delivered exclusively to women and girls. That way, the girls’ experience is relevant and practical.

The four schools that participated in the pilot were Bais Chaya Mushka – Monsey, NY, Escola Gani – São Paulo, Brazil, Rohr Bais Chaya Mushka – Coral Springs, FL, and Yeshiva Girls High School – Pittsburgh, PA. It was a smash success, and CP received great feedback. Here are some snippets:

  • “First time I actually understood the Rebbe and learned a lesson from what he was saying. Good question system and motivational prize.” – A student at Yeshiva Girls High School Pittsburgh.
  • “Girls were very attentive across the spectrum both times so far, Baruch Hashem.” – Mrs. Touger, curriculum director of Bais Chaya Mushka Monsey.
  •  “Baruch Hashem the girls were very involved I believe it got off to a great start!” – Rabbi Schapiro, Brazil.
  • “It was very difficult to choose as there were B”H lots of great summaries.” – Mrs Janowski from Coral Springs regarding having to choose a final winner. 

Connection Point High hopes to seven high schools this year, touching hundreds of students. 

The first program will begin shortly before Yud Shvat. To bring this unprecedented opportunity to connect students to the Rebbe to a school near you, contact Rabbi Levi Plotkin –

Connection Point High is made possible through a generous grant from Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.