In 770, Parents and Children Watch and Learn from the Rebbe

This past Motzei Shabbos, parents and children gathered in 770 to watch an entire rally of the Rebbe.

Hundreds of children and their parents participated in a Connection Point Real Rally Event. This event, the third of its kind to be held in 770, (Lag B’Omer, Sukkos), was the culmination of Connection Point round two – a four-week program run in over forty-five Chabad schools with 3,300 children enrolled.

Connection Point is a JEM initiative in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem. The aim of the program is to empower children to watch and listen to sichos of the Rebbe, by providing the tools and incentives necessary for them to understand the Rebbe directly.

“It is so beautiful to see hundreds of children watching an entire rally, following along as the Rebbe speaks,” said Rabbi Levi Plotkin Connection Point director. “With Connection Point, children are excited to watch a sicha of the Rebbe, knowing they are able to understand and walk away with a message that speaks to them.”

At the event, 20 incredible prizes were raffled off. Parents were encouraged to attend as well, and children who brought a parent received extra tickets.

Connection Point saw so much success last year, a girl’s high school program was launched to broaden the impact and empower girls to learn from the Rebbe. The pilot program was successfully conducted in four high schools, and the first round has been opened to seven other schools. The program is set to begin in a few short weeks.

Sponsorship opportunities for these events are available. To find out more, or to learn about bringing Connection Point to your school, contact

Connection Point Round Two Pictures: