DIDAN NOTZACH! An audio timeline of the events surrounding the trial and victory of Hey Teves.

In preparation for Hey Teves, Ashreinu has produced an audio roundup of all the relevant sichos, farbrengens and events surrounding the trial and victory of Hey Teves.

A central theme of celebrating any day on the Chassidisher calendar is נזכרים ונעשים, recounting the story of the day and reliving it anew. 

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The timeline covers three general periods of time.

The Outcry

Tammuz תשמ”ה – 1985

As the theft became known, and efforts to settle the matter quietly were ignored, the Rebbe made the matter public. The Rebbe would speak about the theft on a total of 5 occasions, 3 of which were recorded on tape and are included here in the beginning of the timeline. In an urgent tone, the Rebbe begs all Chassidim to make this a personal matter and do all they can to ensure the Seforim return to their rightful home. The Rebbe explains in these Sichos the fallacy of the argument that the library is subject to inheritance by the Friediker Rebbe’s descendants, passionately explaining how the Rebbe and his possessions are eternal.

Hear the Rebbe’s public outcry over the theft of precious books and manuscripts from the library of Agudas Chasidei Chabad.

 The Trial

Kislev 1986 – תשמ”ו

During the difficult period of the trial, while the Rebbe visited the Ohel almost every day, he urged the Chassidim to increase in joy, specifically over the days of Chanukah. The Rebbe himself held 3 Farbrengens in a row, on Shabbos, Motzei Shabbos Zos Chanukah, and the night following Zos Chanukah. At these occasions, the Rebbe explained the spiritual significance of the trial unfolding in the courtroom. Drawing parallels to the case against the Alter Rebbe during his arrest, the Rebbe declared that the accusations themselves serve as a lesson in what our response must be – increasing the activity of Agudas Chasidei Chabad even more.

Visit the difficult period of the trial, and learn of the spiritual significance the Rebbe attributed to it.

The Victory and Celebrations

Teves 1987 – תשמ”ז.

After a year of deliberations and delay, the verdict finally came through on Hey teves. Didan Notzach – Victory is ours! A week of joyous celebrations commenced, and the Rebbe would address the Chassidim each night. The recordings of the Rebbe’s Sichos, as well as the Chassidim’s Farbrengens of that week, can be heard on the timeline.

Relive the joyous moments of Hey Teves 5747 and the days that followed, as the Rebbe led Chassidim in celebrating the victory.

The timeline also covers the subsequent celebrations of Hey Teves throughout the years, by highlighting the Rebbe’s Sichos, and the Farbrengens in 770 each year. Also included is Chazara of the Shabbos Farbrengens on or around Hey Teves in the years following the victory.

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Sponsored in honor of Rabbi Moshe Meir and Penina שיחיו Lifshitz and their children
מנחם מענדל הכהן, יאכא גאלדע, גיטל, לוי יצחק הכהן, ודבורה לאה שיחיו
The Rebbe’s Shluchim to to Fort Lauderdale, FL
May they have much success in all their endeavors.

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