Hei Teves: A Day of Victory, Joy, and Recommitment

On the 5th of Teves 1987, Chabad was declared victorious in the battle over the ownership of Chabad’s library. Watch a presentation on the events that unfolded that led to the historic and joyous day.

From the Rebbe’s first public references to the theft of Lubavitch’s treasured manuscripts in the summer of 1985, it was clear that this was not merely a legal challenge, but also as a spiritual struggle over the soul of the movement, and over the very definition of what a Rebbe is.

This video pulls back the cover on a painful yet fascinating saga. The Rebbe’s ultimate victory – or in the Rebbe’s words, “the victory of the books” – and the celebration that followed have been forever enshrined in the narrative of the Lubavitch movement in modern times.

Click here for Ashreinu’s fascinating Hei Teves timeline.

Click here for the Hei Teves school curriculum – a collaborative effort between JEM and Vaad Or Vechom.

Below is a playlist of Hei Teves videos for you to connect and get in touch with the day.