70 Short Films for 70 Years

A major new initiative by JEM illuminates the Rebbe’s impact and enduring influence.

Marking seventy years of the Rebbe’s leadership, a milestone which begins this upcoming Yud Shvat, JEM has launched an all-encompassing, new initiative. Over the course of seventy weeks, JEM will produce seventy short films exploring different topics from throughout the Rebbe’s leadership.

Presenting a variety of enduring events, ideas, and personalities in the Rebbe’s leadership, each film will get a sense of the Rebbe’s enduring impact. Utilizing the mountains of audio, archival footage, photos and first-person testimonies produced and preserved by JEM over the years, the films each tell the story of one small slice of the Rebbe’s leadership. In addition, the JEM team is conducting new research and many new interviews specifically for the project.

“The Rebbe explains that there are tzaddikim who are like date palms. They provide fruit which give energy and life to those around them,” explained Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, executive director of JEM.

“The Zohar teaches that it takes 70 years for a date palm to give fruit. Seventy years after the Rebbe’s leadership began, it is more clear than ever that the Rebbe’s ideas continue to inspire more people each day.” 

The scale of the project is monumental, seventy films stretching from watershed moments to less-known personal relationships. Some are well-known, and some are untold. But the one theme that runs through them all is the Rebbe’s enduring, timeless, and relevant inspiration. 

“We are producing a new, different, film each week, so this project will have something for everyone,” says Rabbi Yitzchak Tsap, Living Torah director and director of the 70 years project. “From the seasoned chassid to the recently initiated, every person will walk away having enjoyed, learnt something, and desiring to learn more.”

Dedication opportunities are available. To learn more about sponsoring one of these projects, please click here, or email us at 70years@jemedia.org.

Promo video filmed and produced by Shlomo Chaim Rivkin of RivkinMedia