Hear Highlights For The Ages

Moments to Remember: Experience unforgettable moments from the Rebbe’s farbrengens on Ashreinu’s immersive platform.

Of the hundreds of hours in Ashreinu’s audio library, spanning over forty years of the Rebbe’s recorded farbrengens, sichos, ma’amarim, and tefillos, certain moments stand out. Be they joyful singing, an emotional plea for Moshiach, or a strong worded message, these highlights are now gathered together on a new platform. Moments to Remember will walk you through some of the most memorable soundbytes collected from the Rebbe’s farbrengens throughout the years.

Moments to Remember is the first in a series, with more such series’ in the pipeline. 

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At a Purim Farbrengen, the Rebbe remarks on the detailed attention G-d gives to the world;

We are talking about the king of all kings, watching a Jew is looking at the clock, and sees only 5 and a half hours have passed, and he must wait another half hour. Amalek counters; do you think G-d has nothing better to do? The great G-d, who took us out of Egypt, and created all the worlds with a single utterance, now watches a small child, who ate meat, and now wants to drink milk, and only been 5 and a half hours have passed, you should know that this great G-d leaves all other matter on the side and waits to see, will you drink the milk now, or wait another half an hour!”

Another moment highlighted; at an annual pre Rosh Hashanah address to women, while speaking of the coming redemption, the Rebbe’s voice suddenly chokes with tears:

“We will soon hear the Shofar of Moshiach, and witness the “gathering of the exiles”, when G-d will collect all the “lost Jews”, especially those in captivity behind the iron curtain, where they do not have an opportunity to properly observe Torah and Mitzvos.

In another rare Sicha, the Rebbe shares his view on hunting animals:

“An animal roams the wild with a desire to live. You have nothing to do, and seeking something to alleviate your boredom, you go and shoot it. You want to alleviate your boredom?, bang you head on the wall! Why shoot an animal? 

“[If given the opportunity] this individual would shoot a human as well! However, in this case, the hunter is not imprisoned in a jail for taking an animal and shooting it for no purpose, not even in order to eat its meat, rather simply to shoot as a pastime. Instead, he is complimented; “oh wow! he is a great hunter, look at all the animals hanging on his wall!” 

G-d gave you wisdom in order for you to build a better world, and you use that out to destroy an animal’s life!


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