JEM’s New Project to Refresh Living Torah

As part of JEM’s 70 Events. Ideas. and Personalities. project in honor of 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership, the popular weekly Living Torah program has been revamped. Get a taste here.

As announced last week, in celebration of Yud Shvat 70 years, JEM has launched an initiative to showcase the Rebbe’s enduring influence. Over seventy weeks, seventy short films exploring a wide range of events, ideas, or personalities impacted by the Rebbe. 

These films will premiere on Living Torah each week, beginning with the program before Yud Shvat (no. 804).

This exciting news heralds the beginning of a new format for Living Torah. Instead of the three, often-unrelated segments – Timeless Moment, Eye to Eye, and My Encounter, Living Torah has been reimagined into one unified presentation. Combining all the existing features of Living Torah, plus additional context, archival materials and other elements, the entire program will tell one specific story, along with a topical talk of the Rebbe.

“The first video focuses on the story and backstory of the Rebbe’s acceptance of the mantle of leadership, and is rich and informative” says Rabbi Eli Sapochkinsky, JEM’s director of production. “We hope viewers enjoy the new format, and we look forward to hearing their feedback.”

In addition to Living Torah, the films will be hosted at Other related content will be hosted there as well.

Watch an excerpt from the first program below.