After Successful Pilot, Precious Souls Launches

Revolutionary new project by JEM launches worldwide after a successful pilot.

A carefully crafted presentation, featuring specially produced videos and interspersed with well-prepared talking points was experienced 15 communities in their respective Chabad houses, for an evening that would leave the participants inspired, engaged, and reevaluating their own potential. 

Precious Souls, a new project by JEM, was rolled out for a trial run in honor of Yud Shevat, the 70th year of the Rebbe’s leadership. This unique multimedia event, presented by each Shliach in their own setting, presented an engaging experience teaching the Rebbe’s love for every Jew, and belief in the power of every individual.

The Rebbe’s Farbrengens and interactions with people contain lessons for everyone at every stage. The goal of “Precious Souls” is to give people a chance to see, hear, and directly appreciate  the Rebbe’s message and perspective from up close. 

“It was different and it was powerful. I’m excited about this new, engaging direction,” said Rabbi Yisroel Zavdi, from West Orange County, CA. In the words of Rabbi Mendy Begun, who presented the program in Chula Vista, California, “It would take years of classes to get people to understand the Rebbe on the level that they can achieve in one hour with this program. Unbelievable!” 

The program is based around a specially produced film, with talking points, introductions, dialogue, and questions for reflections. It engages the Shliach and participants, leading to interesting and personal discussions and conversations.

Rabbi Eli Friedman of Chabad of Calabasas spoke about a bonus benefit: “The program moved people to speak about their feelings about the Rebbe and Chabad.” “People really enjoyed seeing the Rebbe, and it was an opportunity to ask a lot of questions,” said another Shliach.

Built with a wider audience in mind, everyone — including and specifically the beginner — can walk away inspired and uplifted. “People loved it, and my crowd was a mix of “Conservatives,” observant and “Reform” backgrounds. They all left very inspired,” said Rabbi Begun.

In the words of Cheryl, a participant at a Precious Souls event in southern California, “Seeing and hearing the Rebbe’s words from him personally was very impactful. I also enjoyed the discussion parts” 

“I learned that his encouragement made many men and women reach out of their comfort zones and be the best they could be” wrote Rebecca, a attendee from the Midwest, “Knowledge. Education, motivation, love, observance and acceptance are the legacy of the Rebbe, and this magnificent event made me remember that.

Rabbi Yosef Geisinsky who hosted and presented at Chabad of Great Neck, called the event inspiring and “a great beginning.” “People walked away very inspired by the message of the Rebbe,” he said. There’s a need for more of these programs on a variety of topics.”

One participant summed up their impressions: “The Rebbe’s optimistic message of unmitigated love for every Jew is inspirational and thought-provoking. Watching the Rebbe and listening to his story provides me with a sense of hope and inner strength which I will try hard to carry forward. Thank you for bringing this occasion to our community.”

Now preparing to enter the public realm, this program will return for a second round in honor of Yud Alef Nissan, with special Pesach overtures, and is sure to inspire countless more individuals with the Rebbe’s timeless message.

Tried and tested, this is now a great opportunity for every Shliach, sure to create a personal connection between those who participate in your events and the Rebbe. 

The program will be available to present at Chabad Houses around the world, during the weeks leading up to Pesach, in connection to Yud Alef Nissan of this auspicious year — “Shnas Hashivim”.

Bring this program to your community by visiting (special early bird gift for those who sign up before Purim).

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A program specially created for Shluchim to bring to present their communities. The program features: A program guide, detailing how to make the event most effective. A 35 minute video presentation, broken into two parts. List of discussion points and summaries both extended and abridged, to help you guide the event. In addition there will be special memento booklets, with commentary on the program. (Themed Pesach greeting cards to give out with Shmura Matza, will be available for the Yud Alef Nissan round.)

This Video presentation features excerpts of Sichos and interviews, and personal interactions with the Rebbe, giving the perspective of the Rebbe on Ahavs Yisroel and the power of every Jew.


Give everyone in your community the opportunity to Learn and be inspired by the Rebbe himself. Gve yourself the opportunity to discuss these important topics and the rebbe’s perspective on them with a new demographic that can be reached by this style event.


Shluchim looking to inspire their communities. The program is basic enough that it can be presented and understood by beginners, and those with a more secular background, yet comprehensive enough that “Regulars” will gain greatly as well. 


Whenever works best for you! Beginning 21 Adar through 11 Nissan.


Cost: 200.00

Language: English

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