Torah Scroll to Greet Moshiach: Amazing New Pictures

This beautiful new photo collection received from Rabbi Chaim Baruch Halberstam, featuring never-before-seen pictures, walks viewers through the historic completion ceremony for the “Torah Scroll to Greet Moshiach“.

The gallery has been scanned, restored and published in connection with JEM’s latest video, highlighting the story of the Torah Scroll for Moshiach.

As part of JEM’s Living Archive project, the photos have been meticulously scanned and restored, and are now available for viewing at The photos were taken during the completion ceremony on the 9th of Shevat in 5730 – 1970, and the Farbrengen and Kos Shel Bracha that took place the following night.


9 Shevat – Completion of the Torah and Maamar

The Rebbe follows behind the Torah, carrying a box containing the crown.

The Rebbe appoints the scribe as his “agent” to write the final letters in the Torah scroll.

Carrying the completed Torah scroll to the Holy Ark.

10 Shevat – Farbrengen and Kos Shel Bracha Distribution

Scenes from the Farbrengen.

The Rebbe leads the Grace After Meals at the conclusion of the Farbrengen.

Scenes from Kos Shel Bracha.