Special Gifts for Schools Joining Lag B’omer Rally

With schools getting back in session online, JEM and Tzivos Hashem have announced that Connection Point is looking at resuming its regular programming as part of the school curriculum. They did assure the public, however, that it will all be available online. Each school will be able to run it on their own online platforms.

The prizes are still real though; not virtual. Winners will have their prizes shipped directly to their homes from Connection Point Headquarters in New York.

Over a course spanning four weeks, the students will view the Rebbe’s full Lag B’omer parade from 5740/1980, which JEM has produced in full for the first time.

Additionally, all participating schools will receive new booklets that have been produced for the first time. Beautifully presenting the Rebbe’s Kapital Tehillim for this year, the pamphlets will be distributed to every participating child (and even the younger students who haven’t yet begun Connection Point). This has been made possible by Mordechai & Mirel Rosenfeld and Family.

It’s looking set to be another tremendously successful semester with over 3,000 children taking part worldwide!

Connection Point is accepting applications from new schools for this session. For more information, or to bring the program to your school, please contact lplotkin@jemedia.org

Participating schools for Round 4 – Lag B’omer:

Bader Hillel Academy Boys – Milwaukee, WI
Chabad Youth Boys – Melbourne, Australia
Cheder at the Ohel – Queens, NY
Cheder Chabad – Monsey, NY
Cheder Chabad boys – Philadelphia, PA
Cheder Chabad Boys, Palm Beach County, Florida
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Boys – Chicago, IL
Cheder Menachem – Los Angeles, CA
Hebrew Academy Boys – Coral Springs, FL
M.M.S.C. Day School, Boys – Seattle Washington
My Shliach Boys – International
Lamplighters Yeshivah Boys – Brooklyn, NY
LEC Middle School Boys – Miami, FL
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Boys, St. Paul, Minnesota
Nigri Shluchim Online School Boys – International
Oholie Menachem, Postville IA
Oholei Torah – Brooklyn, NY
Oholei Torah 8th Grade – Brooklyn, NY
Ohr Menachem – Brooklyn NY
OYY Lubavitch Boys – Manchester, England
Sacramento Jewish Academy Boys – Granite Bay, CA
Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway – Brooklyn, NY
Torah Academy Boys, Johannesburg, South Africa
Torah Academy High Boys Johannesburg, South Africa
United Lubavitcher Yeshiva – Brooklyn, NY
Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch – Montreal, Canada

Bader Hillel Academy Girls – Milwaukee, WI
B.C.M 8th Grade – L.A. CA
B.C.M. – L.A. CA
Bnos Menachem – Brooklyn, NY
Cheder Chabad Girls – Philadelphia, PA
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Girls – Chicago, IL
Cheder Chabad Girls, Palm Beach County, Florida
Hebrew Academy Girls – Coral Springs, FL
Lamplighters Yeshivah Girls – Brooklyn, NY
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Girls – St. Pau, Minnesota
M.M.S.C. Day School, Girls – Seattle Washington
My Shliach Girls – International
Nigri Shluchim Online School Girls – International
Sacramento Jewish Academy Girls – Granite Bay, CA
Torah Academy Girls, Johannesburg, South Africa