Brand New: Lag B’omer 5740

Experience Lag B’omer like never before with JEM’s timely new release.

Lag B’omer 1980 featured one of the most exciting parades with the Rebbe. For the first time ever, JEM has produced an immersive and captivating 2.5 hour film of the event.

Hear the Rebbe’s talks (with subtitles!) and watch the famous parade of floats, marching bands, clowns, and joyful children as it all comes alive in vivid color.

The 1980 event was, by all accounts, the first Lag B’omer parade to be filmed and recorded in full. But the early film technology yielded grainy footage and muffled audio.

Much of the video and audio had to be carefully restored and reworked with cutting-edge technology by JEM’s team of pro editors and producers. A number of privately-owned reels were also incorporated to round out the experience.

Watch striking footage of the Rebbe’s landmark address to those still stuck behind the Iron Curtain. Knowing that his message would be heard in the USSR, the Rebbe defiantly protested the conduct of the Russian authorities, insisting that the Soviet constitution itself secures freedom of religion for all its citizens.

The entire film has been translated and subtitled in four languages. 

Packed with the Rebbe’s words and an exciting 17-minute highlights track, there’s something for all ages in this beautifully produced new release.

The full film can be purchased and viewed online at

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