Newly discovered reel brings alive historic Sicha to women

Recently discovered audio tape with a timely message.

With incredible Hashgacha Pratis, an audio reel of the Rebbe’s annual Sicha to the pre-Shavuos Nshei Chabad convention was recently discovered, with a timeless message for our current difficult situation.

In this newly-restored audio from 25 Iyar 5726, the Rebbe explains how one can always recognize Hashem’s miraculous conduct, even in the seemingly natural order of events in the world.

Listen to this newly discovered tape here 

Click here to learn the Sicha via Lahak. 

This new audio is courtesy of Bentzion Pearson from the archive of his grandfather, Rabbi Dovid Raskin A”H, and is dedicated by his family in loving memory of Mrs. Chaya Mushka Pearson, A”H. 

Much appreciation to Rabbi Zalman Wilhelm for transferring this audio.

Listen to the audio clips below to compare the old version of this Sicha to the newly discovered tape