The Rebbe’s Response to Civil Unrest

With America reeling in the wake of the recent racial tensions, many have asked how the Rebbe would respond.

Thankfully, the Rebbe addressed all of the issues that are presently at the forefront: 

Race relations, crime and punishment, civil unrest, the responsibility of government to protect its citizens, among others. Throughout the years of his leadership, the Rebbe provided a clear Torah perspective on the events of the time. Through his talks at Farbrengens, one-on-one conversations with government leaders and written correspondence, the Rebbe gives us important perspective on the crucial topics that impact our society.

Over the past few days, the JEM team has worked to compile these ideas and to present them in a new video program.

We hope you enjoy the program. Please share it with your friends and family so more people can be impacted by these important teachings of the Rebbe.